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Thread: Transcend CF cards and MemoryWorld. Well Done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canonised View Post
    I can only say that you are very lucky that I am NOT related to MW, or worse still, if i am a director of MW because if i am, you will not be reading my posts here but instead you will be reading the letters from an attorney..... and I hope the directors of MW are reading this as well.
    dont wont to sound to hostile, but how are you going to sue me when i'm writing a post on the actual experience i went thru?

    if you're suing me for defamation, i really doubt you'll have a case here. Its not as if i'm fabricating anything that isnt the case.

    it's just like you sold me rotten apples. i complain, and i got rejected. And the next thing is you come sue me for complaining.

    come on. if you're just against me just for the sake of being on opposition, i would really hope to hear what substance you have.

    *oh btw, if anyone from MW / Transcend would like to contact me for any form of clarification, please do so! you can drop me a PM, i'll be glad to respond!

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    Default Re: Transcend CF cards and MemoryWorld. Well Done!

    all i can say, you must be related to MW or part of the board of directors for MW.

    i dont understand why people can guard a shop/company so fiercely just because someone had complains against it. logical answer to this is in my first sentence.

    on the part where you mentioned about me not giving chance for them to explain themselves, i spent 30mins in that shop, going thru 3 different people whom ALL showed me unbecoming attitude problems, how else you want me to give more chances?

    unless you include kneeling down and begging them for a replacement / solution.

    lastly, look. i'm not someone who like harping and destroying people's reputation. like i've said, i'm in the industry for quite sometime, and i know how things work.

    this thread serves a reminder for consumers who might not be a techie, and yet probably been pushed to accept such ridiculous terms. it's only a backward step for service standards in singapore.
    It is quite expected that TS would not be open to many comments opposing his views as he is probably in quite a foul mood after his experience in the shop

    Think twice before buying transcend.
    Nothing wrong with Transcend leh. But to be very honest, the case against TS would not be very strong, as he did not explicitly badmouth MemWorld in his post. I assume here that "think thrice" was TS implying that other consumers should take into consideration the kind of service(which may or may not be true) he got whilst trying to rectify his problem.
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