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    I am doing some test with my new tianya filter in punggol beach sunrise,
    and I find that it always turns out with a reddish tint when I shot with my ND8 with long exposure.

    I was wondering it was because of the long exposure so it gets more ambience light which cause the red tint? or is there any other explanation for this?

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    it is because tianya nd, being cheap, and not crazily priced like singh-ray, hi-tech or lee...

    is not entirely neutral.... simple as that.

    if you want to get a choice of better wb without loss in too much IQ, just shoot in raw, and tweak from there.

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    ya thats what I am doing, shooting raw and tweak the wb.

    no wonder tianya is cheaper.

    did some google and found that singh ray seems pretty good for travel, all in one.


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