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    Jackie Wu said one:
    A butcher name "Da Niu" wanted to get a wife, so he arrange with a agent to go china to matchmake and found someone he like. The girl however cannot give him a immediate answer and he went back. The girl then later thought she could write letters to him and understand him better so wrote him a few letters. Being too lazy to write, "Du-Niu" replied with few words "Da-Niu-Bi-Jiao-Lan" meaning Da-Niu is more lazy to write. The girl the immediately agreed to marry him. The agent then ask Da-Niu what he wrote to her and immediately he realised the answer... cos china ppl read word from right to left..

    Heard before? from one of his show. or still catch no ball?
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    u mean "niu"? as in cow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelmetBox
    u mean "niu"? as in cow?
    yeah... :-0

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    bigger than the cow's


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