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Thread: still blur about AF mode selection & Metering Mode

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    Default still blur about AF mode selection & Metering Mode

    Hi which one is best use for general photography in AF mode...
    Portrait i know, but Multi Area, 1 Area, Spot, continuous etc...which one you guys
    use and which one is the most optimum for general photography.

    How about the metering ; multiple, center weighted or spot...

    thanks and sorry for my noob questions, tried reading the manual but it doesnt say when to use it


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    Default Re: still blur about AF mode selection & Metering Mode

    For metering, you can read the tutorials for newbies:

    I'm still sticking to Matrix metering because of 2 reasons:
    1. I'm also a newbie
    2. I'm too lazy to keep changing the metering modes.

    But from what I've seen so far, spot metering is very good when you want to highlight the subject in your photo.

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    Default Re: still blur about AF mode selection & Metering Mode

    The sticky thread Photography Notes For Newbies has good info.

    You must not be thinking of which is best as each are just tweaks to workaround a situation.


    - If the camera keeps focus locking on a subject other than the one you wanted, you will be asking how to set the focus point to a fix position so that you can point on your own. Multipoint means camera can pick one or more area as focus points for you.

    - If you have 1 part dark and 10 part bright (e.g 1 dark centre square + 16 bright surrounding sq), your average will be bright. Since average is bright, cam will compensate to dim it, resulting in subject too dark. Then you ask, how can I ask the camera to compute based on 1 part dark or perhaps 1 part dark + 4 parts bright. So spot allows you to take 1 point, centre weighted mean average around centre.


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