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Thread: Selling Apple Powerbook G3 400Mhz (Pismo)

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    Default Selling Apple Powerbook G3 400Mhz (Pismo)

    I've an excellent condition Powerbook G3 400Mhz for sale. No dead pixels, no scatches etc. Condition is 9/10.

    It has 10Gb HDD, 512Mb RAM, DVD/CDRW combo drive and PANTHER installed.

    Two USB ports, two Firewire ports, PCMCIA slot and integrated modem/LAN. Battery is in good condition too... will last over 3hours.

    The laptop is really in excellent condition (I've the box, orig bundled software etc) and it's used 90% of time at home to edit photos etc. I'm selling because I need to raise funds... upgrading to a G4 home system.

    Am asking $850 obo but would accept any reasonable offer.

    Call me at 94574747 or PM me!

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    Thread moved to Kopitiam. Please note that Buy/Sell thread is meant for photography realated stuffs only.



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