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Thread: Eh wat happen?

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    Smile Eh wat happen?

    Did anyone encounter this "issue"? I cant fit my nikon D90 BM 10 screen protector on the existing GSS lcd after market protector. Yes i do that to my d700 too. but it works on it! Notice that the GSS lcd protector made for the d700 is thinner compared to the d90 version. is it because the latest GSS model screen protectors has more layering? Its trivial but iam just curious.

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    I bought the GSS for my d700 but I did a quick test before permanently sticking it i find that the gss is so thick that i cant place the BM9 on. eventually left it in my dry cabi for time being.
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    Wink Re: Eh wat happen?

    haha yeah will squeeze it to fit . haha get shooting this weekend! gona go down to formula drift huraa!
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