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    “On The Road Again” is about wanderlust; the desire to see beyond the horizon. Something within these travellers urges them to move on, to explore, and to seek new experiences as they transverse through foreign landscapes, encountering exotic cultures and meeting faces of new friends. This exhibition is a summary of their travel tales with over 100 photographs captured from various countries, presented by 6 photographers who are constantly on the lookout for new horizons...

    Catch the footprints of their wanderlust @ 2902 Gallery.

    Kelly Cheng, Zann Huang Huizhen, Gwen Lee, Lim Su Fang, Sit Weng San, Tan Kahong

    * Kelly, an avid traveller, shares her concern on the shrinking Aral Sea in Uzbekistan;
    * Kahong reminisces Japan with a series of picturesque photo of Hokkaido;
    * free-spirited Zann on her photo-documentation of the life of the Qashqa'i nomads in Iran;
    * Su Fang’s candid and colourful presentation on her backpack trip in Nepal;
    * Weng San’s reflections on Russia & Tibet in rich, sombre colours, as well as memories of old Hong Kong;
    * and Gwen’s captures of fleeting moments in her overland journey in Asia.

    2902 Gallery, OldSchool
    11b Mount Sophia #B2-09
    Singapore 228466

    8-24th July 2009

    Tue-Sat, 11am ~ 8pm
    Sun, 1pm ~ 6pm
    Mon, no sessions

    Zero! It's free, no tax / surcharge / admin fee!

    Exclusive limited edition (only 50 copies!) postcards of selected photographic captures are available for sale upon request!

    WANDERLUST - Slides Presentation + Dialogue Sharing Session

    Saturday, 18th July, 4-6pm
    4 x participating photographers (Kelly, Kahong, Weng San, Su Fang) will be sharing more about their travel stories (Uzbekistan / Hokkaido / Russia / Nepal) in this Saturday afternoon session.
    Free. Limited to 40 people.

    Please r.s.v.p to to reserve seats.
    ~ 迷失的我仍在努力寻找属于自己的蓝天 ~


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