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    dois this lens for naikon d90 or nat ? SIGMA DL ZOOM 75-300mm F1:4-5.6 lens+Hood+Case - eBay (item ...

    if it is for nikon D90 do i nead to have this teleplus mc4 to fit tha lens in tha camira?

    [IMG] Kenko 2x AF Teleplus MC4 Autofocus Teleconverter for ...[/IMG]

    I hope you andrstand my english raiting

    thank you oll

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    Sigma makes lenses for a lot of camera brands. Since we cannot see the listing, we cannot tell you if it's a nikon mount. Why not just look in the CS marketplace?

    For the TC, you are aware that the image quality degradation on a 2x teleconverter is MASSIVE and you affect the aperture equivalent too?

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    thank you sear rashkae

    hear tha photo you kane see

    and hear is tha photo of tha one betoun tha camra and tha lens

    thank you for your help

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    The photo is useless, as they look the same. The exact model number, or a link to the listing, would be better.

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    thank you agin sear
    it is nat working wthe me to leink jast to cobeat and serch in google

    ( Sigma DL zoom 75-300mm auto focus lens on eBay (end time 06-Jul-09 ... )

    thank you agin

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    It's best if you askthe seller himself rather than having everyone do guesswork.

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    thank you rashkae

    regards to you


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