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    Hi Pentaxians,

    I'm currently working on a Pentax brochure & would like it to be 'localised'. The visuals chosen for the brochure are of local scenes & events & happenings.

    And as much as I want to convey Pentax as "Real people. Real Stories. Real Camera", I'm looking for mugshots (head & shoulder) of 25 Pentax users. I have dismissed the idea of using 'Ghost' posers for this image collage as I strongly believed that there are willingly real Pentaxians out there who wants to be part of Pentax's exciting new chaptor.

    Pertaining to the concept it is something very Asian & I believed we have seen enough pixs of white boys fonding cameras. This project is an effort of Emjay wanting so much to engaged the ground... the end-users.

    Date: 25th July (Sat)
    Time: 3pm
    Venue: Starbucks Cityhall

    Interested Pentaxians, kindly PM me your name & email to 'register' for a head-count & I will have your portrait taken (with a Pentax cam of course). Pentaxians need to come with a PENTAX DSLR (any model) camera mounted with a Pentax lens (the more your lenses, the better the choices for me).

    The mugshot is a general picture that reflects the local Pentax community but I'm also looking at Senior & Junior Pentaxians to grace the pages. Let's do it! Let it be 'made in S'pore'.

    This is not a paid assignment for us Pentaxians, rather as Emjay puts it ~ "We want to get involve..."
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    That's a great idea, Francis. Count me in

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    I will be there with my K20D and DA*200mm

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    Thank you all for your prompt replies... Kindly PM me please. Much appreciated.


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