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    hi all,

    i took this photo at zoo. using a canon film SLR, EOS 88.

    super long never take photos le, used a 75-300mm lens as well.

    the photo came out "very dry". is it over exposed? i've quite alot of photos taken that day which appear this way, how should i go about solving this problem next time i take photos? and under what kind of situation will the photo turn out this way.

    thanks alot..

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    Is oyur film expired?

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    don't think so. i check the expiry date previously. did not happen to my whole roll of film. i suspected film problem at first but there're photos that turn out with very solid colours. less than 10 turn out this way. so i'm just frustrated at what's the root cause...

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    I guess it's the 75-300mm, have the same lens .. and not in use anymore.
    Equipment not used for long time? Check for fungus or fogging. In such light situations (noticed the CA at the locks?) the smallest bit of fogging can ruin the image.


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