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    As above.

    Lets say I have a 17-70mm lens that has a F2.8-F4.5 rating, will I be able to do bokeh shots on a APS-C Sensor? How about at 50MM F4? Could bokeh be archive witout zooming to the most telephoto end? Thanks.

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    yes.. make sure your object is near and your background is far.

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    As Cartman2000 has already said in very simple terms, get your background far away and your subject as close to you as possible.You can even do this even with your wide end of your lens (17mm f2.8).While having a larger FF sensor helps in subject isolation, you can still get good results with a crop body.

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    Thanks. I tried that on my S5 IS digital camera with the small 1/2.5" sensor. I only can archive bokeh in macro mode or at full 432MM tele-zoom.

    Can other users give me another assurance? Cos I am wondering should I get a 17-70mm F2.8-F4.5 lens or 17-50mm F2.8 or just settle down for Sigma's 18-250MM lens...

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    For user of compact digital camera, DOF is more difficult to control with compact digital camera than with DSLR.

    The small imaging sensors of compact camera require the use of short focal lengths and this in turn gives these cameras an unusually long DOF when compared to DSLR camera.

    Thus intentionally getting a shallow DPF is more difficult.


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