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Thread: hi guys!

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    Default hi guys!

    I've signed up for quite a while but didnt actively use the forum.
    Tonight suddenly sprang up to use the forums!

    I've got econs paper tomorrow ( or i mean later in few hours time)... saddd

    hahaha anyways hi to everyone yeah!

    My gear : Fujifilm S2000HD

    I dun have a DSLR =P just a bridge cam
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    Default Re: hi guys!

    Welcome to clubsnap
    Come visit my blog

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    Hi chaosjc,

    here's an official welcome then...

    and good luck to the paper.
    Michael Lim
    My Flickr Site

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    Welcome to CS!

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    Default Re: hi guys!


    You dun need to use a DSLR to get good pictures. Learn how to get good pictures first before thinking of getting better cameras.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    hey yeayea! welcome and have fun with photography

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    Welcome to CS !
    Best of luck to ur paper today !

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    Welcome to CS family!

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    Default Re: hi guys!

    welcome and have fun
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