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Thread: Is it important to have communication skills?

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    Question Is it important to have communication skills?

    Communication Skills can be acquired.

    Our communication skills improve when we can open to be aware of
    the needs of the other person.

    It was said that true ability to communicate happens only when we
    harmonize with the other individual.

    How true is this? Would welcome your thoughts.

    One way to communicate is to treat the other person
    greatly and he or she in turn will show himself or
    herself great.

    Go to the participating folks out there,
    Live among them and make them excited.
    Learn from these folks.
    And not to forget to love them.

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    Default Re: Is it important to have communication skills?

    Peeps usually analyze us through: topic 7% tone 38% body language 55%.
    It defeats the purpose of having the right pitch, etc if your body is saying something else. Easier to lie through the phone, presidents develop their voices to reach out to voters, etc etc. Still its not paramount of impt in my opinion.


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