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Thread: What accessories need to buy for DSLR camera?

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    Default Re: What accessories need to buy for DSLR camera?

    Quote Originally Posted by marvin11 View Post
    Of the remaining ones I'd prefer the Nikons. They are more functional and have a physical design that (for me at least) makes them easier to use. If you're tight on money go for the D50, if you can afford it I'd not go for the D70 but rather for the D80 that replaces it. If you're looking at the used market for a D70 then at least get a D70s, it's more functional.

    The low end Canon cameras are limited in functionality at least more so than the Nikons.

    As you go up the scale however both brands will give you good pictures. Even so, I'd still prefer to stay with the Nikon. Nikon has a history of producing fine photogrphic lenses and other accessories that meet the needs of professionals. Canon has a similar history but they're not usually as comprehensive as Nikon. Nikon is something you can grow with in the longer term.

    The other diffrence is that Canon like to be wiz bang. They will often build in features that sound appealing but are things you'll never use or care about. Nikon is more conservative, they build in what you need and will use and they don't load their promotions with a lot of hype that has no value.

    The cheap part of an SLR is buying the initial camera. Later as you get more sophisticated you'll add lenses and a flash at minumum. Now you're into a situation where you get locked in.

    That's the real issue. So think about what you'll do picture wise for the next thirty years or so and look at which camera maker will give you the gadgets you need to make that happen. Then buy in and get the most out of it.

    When you compare makers don't get hung up on a feature that one has that the other doesn't. Whatever one doesn't have they eventually find a way to provide it too. The real question is whether a specific brand will meet all your long term needs, nothing more. That's why I tend to prefer Nikon, they tend to consistently deliver high quality solutions for whatever the professional photographers need.
    Ye, but Canon doesn't "load their promotions with a lot of hype that has no value" like this.

    I know each one of us pursuing any particular brand must have invested our time and fortune a lot. But let's not make up misleading information just because of our ego and pride in whatever brand we have chosen. Because the TS is researching options by this thread, and what we say may eventually convince him to buy one brand or another. Just give him general ideas, pros and cons of each brand, and only give genuine info, not hype.

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    Default Re: What accessories need to buy for DSLR camera?

    The must-have for us might not be a must-have for you. ( No offense to all the helpful members here!) Shoot with what you have now and find out for yourself what and why you need later on. This will save you a lot of money!!

    Totally agree, one man's meat is another man's poison, if you are getting from the shops, the bundled items should constitute the basic must haves already. Moving forward, its really depending on individual needs and preference.

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    Default Re: What accessories need to buy for DSLR camera?


    I suggest

    1) basic UV filter to help protect your lens
    2) CPL filter
    3) good and sturdy tripod and good ballhead
    4) good neoprene strap for your camera....helps keep your neck comfortable
    5) lenspen
    6) lint free cleaning cloth
    7) get the bag (with good padding inside and weather protection outside) that you think will fit all the accessories + whatever lens you plan on buying within 6 months to 1 year (so you do not need to buy a bigger bag whenever you buy more stuff for your camera)
    8) good pair of rubber or trekking shoes
    9) belt system with harness



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