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Thread: How to clean recessed rear element?

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    Default How to clean recessed rear element?

    In case there's some little finicky stuff that's kinda stuck on the rear element of the lens that's recessed, what can be done? Tried using my blower from a variety of angles, but it doesn't seem to get the offending item off. any recommendations? or just live with the little stubborn speck? kinda worried that if the speck is actually some form of fluid, it might react with the surface coating of the rear element (if any) and screw up the lens in the long run. suggestions?

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    Use sandpaper. Oops, scratched it? Then you can get a new lens with a clean rear element!

    On a more serious note, you can probably try something like the lenspen or similar. Cotton-bud dipped in a very small amount of isopropyl alcohol/lens cleaning fluid might help. For some lenses, if you zoom in/out, the rear element will move closer to you as well, so you might want to try that to see if it becomes more accessible. Still no go, then if it doesn't affect your pics, leave it alone.


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    Have you tried using a good quality brush (i.e., really soft camelhair brush that you can usually get from arts supply store, Staticmaster brush, etc.) to get rid of it? If your lens is a zoom get better access, zoom it to a position where the rear element is closest to the rear end of the barrel.


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