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    I am guessing that people who are interested in cameras may have a better half who is interested in ovens.

    If you are interested in cameras, you come here. PCs you go HWZ. But is there any local forum for ovens? My (then quite top of the line) Sharp microwave cum conventional oven lasted me for over 10 years. It was a blast! But it has just died on me and I am looking for a replacement. I went to Best Denki and found that the newer models can even do steaming. Sounds great.

    I looked at the range and decided on the following models which can all do microwave, convention and steam, or combination.

    31L Sharp Heaslo AX1500V(S) $1189
    27L Panasonic NNSY30P $1359
    30L Panasonic NNCS596A $699
    25L Panasonic NNGS597 $509

    The above prices are all after 15% discount except for NNCS596A which is after $100 discount. According to the Best Denki staff, the offer ends today, but I don't quite believe it.

    Only the high-end Pana is made in Japan. The resty all made in China or Thailand, that is what I was told.

    I am more or less settled on the 30L Panasonic NNCS596A and would welcome all suggestions. I could only find one local review on it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lypklypk View Post
    Maybe u can try cooking forums?
    I know, but where? That's my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tks View Post
    I know, but where? That's my question.
    ever try googling?

    search for terms like :

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    Its good to switch line.

    Even thought of starting clubchef?


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