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Thread: Who's into Classical Music here?

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    Default Albeniz

    Albeniz originally wrote most of the things for piano.

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    Couldn't help but notice my name being mentioned here...

    hmm, piano fest this year... not sure which night to attend... might want to catch the Busoni transcriptions but the thing is that they don't mention which ones will be played... mabbe the popular "Nunn kommt"? I actually prefer the original organ version...

    btw, did anyone catch the article in the Straits Times on Friday 31 May? It's about the new pipe organ at the Esplanade...

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    I am just a shallow concert goer, I've bought tickets for a programme that includes Mahler No.4 purely because Mutter is performing something in the first half and Felicity Lott is the soprano for the No.4.... I'm hoping I'll be able to survive a Mahler symphony.... any advice how to appreciate Mahler?

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    Default Haven't been reading papers!

    By Gum, I haven't been reading the papers!

    So, what about the new organ? I'm sure it beats the H*ll out of the one at VCH. I like the sound of a good set of pipes.

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    Oh... I didn't notice it in the papers until someone pointed it out to me...

    New esplanade organ by the same builder as the one at VCH... Klais... roughly about double the size (in terms of stops) of the VCH organ. This time built from scratch unlike at VCH where they reused some material from the older 1930s organ.

    Wonder how it sounds... just itching to get a chance to listen or even better... to play it

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    Default that great Klais organ

    I just read about that great organ by Klais Orgelbau in the Esplanade concert hall. It's impressive indeed. It has what, some ?4900 pipes? I wonder how Bach would react to that? Or were there organs with more pipes than that during his era?

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    The Esplanade organ has *only* 61 stops which is the largest in Singapore... but some of the organs that J.S. Bach played were almost approaching this size.

    Take for example the Hildebrandt organ at Naumburg which had 53 stops... This is one of the organs known to have been played by Bach...

    There's also the Schnitger organ at the Jacobikirche in Hamburg which has some 60 stops...

    I'm not certain about the pipe count for these organs but they could possibly have more pipes than the Esplanade Klais (probably due to the large mixtures found on almost every manual of most baroque organs).

    Some really small organs in Italy are able to fill large churches with sound easily... like the 9 stop Tronci organ (1793) at the Cathedral of Pistoia...

    Anyway, the Esplanade organ has some horizontal pipes which can be seen in the photo from the article in the Straits Times... these are the en chamade trumpets and probably the loudest pipes in the organ... should be quite a thrill to listen to...

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