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    Quote Originally Posted by pplneedthelord View Post
    Hey peeps, well as you may see, i'm absolutely not a newbie at all, i've been a member for almost 2 years now. but theres an issue which i would like you frequent helper to gimmi a hand in.

    well you see, i've been asked by a church friend to help a group of SMU graduates take some graduation photos in 3-4 weeks time, she even asked me how much should i charge.
    well, i've asked a friend, also on CS, he said standard rate is to charge $50/hr. well i guess ultimately its up to me to name a price.. and since they're my church mates, i'm thinking of charging them a little lesser.

    but i would like to know, how much would you charge for such shoots. the shoot will last for about 5 hours.
    either charge them $50/hr, or don't charge at all (doing for friend's sake).
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    Default Re: NOT a NEWBIE HERE!

    Correct me if i'm wrong, TS is not shooting his friends right? For me, shooting for friends and I won't charge, just have fun. If its a recommendation by a friend to shoot others, TS could charge.
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    alright fellow CSers,

    i spoke to my friend this morning. heres how it should go. her friend, who is a SMU graduate is thinking of going around campus to get their picture taken with say.. a friend/prof/tutor or something. and from what i heard just a while ago, not only would that person be getting me to shoot, they are a few more others who might as me to shoot for them as well.

    so yupp
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