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Thread: Recommendation for PnS Camera

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    Default Recommendation for PnS Camera

    Other than Lumix LX3. What other good PnS cameras are out there? Looking for canon or fuji or panasonic only. My budget ard 400-600.
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    bumpp! help! =)
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    Default Re: Recommendation for PnS Camera

    crashinghearts, pleasee read my thread on compact cameras aka point and shoots.

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    Smile Re: Recommendation for PnS Camera

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    hmmm i thnk im going for the canon ixus 100 IS. any owners of this particular camera? care to share some of ur opinions of this cam? or photos to show? =)) thanks!
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    You didn't read lomographer's article on compacts?
    It's rather informative and he did wrote about his opinion on the ixus 100 is

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    As a user of the ixus 100is, here are my reviews.

    - the camera offers (if not) the best IQ for tiny camera series against (Sony T9, Optio S10). However, don't expect the images to capture good detail above iso200 but certainly much better than the Optio and Mju. Overall iso100-800 is still acceptable for 800x600 screen view as a whole. Above that is subjective to individual. Unlike the other brands which opted max iso for flash, this camera takes a variable iso which produce better detail.

    - The 100IS does have better noise reduction which the pictures will be rather clean. But price of noise reduction comes comes with lesser detail if view up close. The plus point for Canon processor is the good color retention at all iso level.

    - HD Video is stunning good, even better than my Sony camcorder. Good sharpness and color. However, the coupled Zoombrowser is kind of hard to use. The microphone is not located at the front, so it picks up lots of stray noise along the way.

    - Suprisingly, the OEM battery that I purchase, was twice the mAH of the canon original. I don't know how long the battery last as I did not use it for prolong period.

    - The downside is the weak flash. The IXUS 100IS balance the high ISO+flash pretty well but best let the auto iso take over instead of fixing it. In a bright office, the flash works very well but in dim area, higher iso is required for the flash to work. In very dim open space, the flash does poorly (maybe 2m)

    - The LCD is very sharp but don't trust it too much as it sees more than my notebook can. For my notebook, I minus 15-20% from what I see on the LCD. You have to determine yourself.

    - Focus is fast and nearly no miss due to focus assist. Being light and small, handshake from LCD is less for me and IS improves it. Unfortunately no track focus.

    - Macro is good and easy. For 1ft close up, you can stick a tissue paper over the flash to soften it.

    - Overall this is a neat, stylish camera. I like the red and gold. But if you want to keep it funky, buy a separate pouch for mobilephone, the canon case is not that cool. This camera can be carry around in my shirt pocket and offers good quality image for everyday shots.
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    wow thanks. i read lomographers post. thats why i decided on ixus 100IS. i alreayd had dat in mind. wanna hear more opinions. =)
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    Default Re: Recommendation for PnS Camera

    I vote for Fujifilm F200EXR...
    Reason why? lol very simple....
    I have an S5pro and an F50fd.
    You gota love fuji colours.
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    Tum podem extulit horridulum...日出東方﹐唯我不敗。

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    Fujifilm F200EXR, if u don't mind its outlooks.
    cameras are not made of tofu


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