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Thread: Lightpaint: Sundae Cone

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilkenny View Post

    So all these can be done in a darken room? Any special set up needed? Like maybe black paper on the walls to prevent light reflection etc??

    Hmm.... i am interested in light painting... omoshiroi desu.
    >Heres a good youtube tutorial on how its done.
    Of course, people are already using all sorts of lights be they sparklers, open flame, bike lights, LED from toys or even DIYed rows of LED.

    Only a tripod and a flashlight is necessary.
    My background is dark but thats not often the case. Many are done in fairly bright outdoors environment,eg streets, though at night.

    What does 'omoshiroi desu.'mean?

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    Wonder if anyone has those powerful 30mw,50mw or even 100, 200mw laser pointers..

    I'm very keen to try out lightpainting with those.. Will be awesome.

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    omoshiroi ah means interesting, japanese word hahaha

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