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Thread: Faster CF Cards?

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    Default Faster CF Cards?

    Just something to share

    Raid setup for CF card users. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea. And not too expensive

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    This just helps bring the MicroSD card speed to CF speed. Basically, just go and buy yourself a fast CF card to begin with.

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    This makes losing memory cards a higher possibility. MicroSD are really small...

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    unless the camera "processor" is fast enough to support the memory card, will be under-utilized.
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    Actually, alot is still quite unclear. 4 SDHC micro sd on raid, should be faster than any CF cards now?

    But I m more interested in the SD - CF converter, especially if it works well, seeing how SD cards have become cheaper than CF nowadays.

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    It's RAID 0, pure striping. From Wikipedia:
    When a drive fails the file system cannot cope with such a large loss of data and coherency since the data is "striped" across all drives (the data cannot be recovered without the missing disk). Data can be recovered using special tools, however, this data will be incomplete and most likely corrupt, and recovery of drive data is very costly and not guaranteed.
    In RAID 0 the reliability goes down when you add more disks. Enjoy your data loss.
    The idea is nice but it needs a more than such a half past 6 implementation to be really useful.


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