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Thread: Canon 450D software CD

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    Default Canon 450D software CD

    Does anyone know where to get this CD? I lost mine and need to install the whole suite into a new PC. Or any kind soul willing to lend his/ hers? I can meet you at a convenient place with my laptop and install it there and then..

    Thanks and hopefully some kind soul will reply!


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    Default Re: Canon 450D software CD

    i can burn u a copy. but u had to come raffles place to my workplace or meet me at clementi after office hrs.

    u can also download from canon:

    but i think they separate all the softwares and u had to install individually.
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    Default Re: Canon 450D software CD

    Hi thanks so much, would I be able to come to your office tomorrow?
    What time? Can you PM your mobile number?

    Thanks again,


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    Default Re: Canon 450D software CD

    Hi there, is there anyone else who could help? I tried searching on Canon site as well but don' think they have. Couldn't reach Sinned79 and flying off for 3 months on Sunday..

    Thanks in advance...anyone?


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    Default Re: Canon 450D software CD

    Check for the downloads at Canon US or Europe. You don't need the CD to install the software, you can use the downloaded version straight away. There's only a little 'hack' to be done so that the downloaded version 'finds' a previous version from CD.
    Search a bit for "Canon Software" here in the board (hint: Canon section) ... it was mentioned not long ago.


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