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    Hi all professional and freelancing bros, just for curiosity, if you guys got an assignment form a company to cover their events, do you guys produce a receipt for them upon payment?

    i know the companies will need receipts to record in their account books rite?

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    Easiest, and cheapest way is to buy from Popular. They have receipt booklets, very generic kind but good enough for occasional freelancers.

    Of course Pros shd not use these, not 'pro' enough.

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    use your microsoft office software like words or excel.

    put your company logo at the header, address at the footer.

    further down put the word "invoice" or "original reciept" etc

    then do up a table with the itemised charges,subtotal and total etc

    then at the end,have a place for you to put your authorised signature and company stamp(go get a rubber stamp made if you don't have,it's not expensive)

    voila ... you have a professional looking A4 printout of the invoice

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    Yes, you do.

    Get quotation signed and chopped before proceeding.
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    thanks all!

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    Just want to remind you that if you have registered a business/company, u are obliged to issue receipts stating your company name and registration number. I am not too sure if you are required to issue serialised receipts....

    Also if you are filing for income tax, which you should if you are running a business or as a profession, do remember to keep a copy of all your issued receipts as well as receipts of items purchased for the business/profession. This copies should be kept safe and be produced upon demand within 5 - 7 years of the accounting year.

    Do verify these information as I am recalling from memory.

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    Hi bros, I'm doing freelancing and encountered my 1st case from a company who seek a receipt from me. I know that if I did not register a company I can't issue official receipts as it's illegal, so my friend suggested that there might be some acknowledgement receipt that I can issue.

    Can anyone please verify and perhaps provide a sample for reference?

    Thanks in advance!


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