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    Hi ALL,
    Thanks for having me. My name is Zeke and I need your help and by the way im a definate NOOB. I didnt want to go to a store and ask there because I figured here I would get the honest truth.
    I need you to buy a camera that can take a picture of a label on a wine bottle - being that the bottles are curved. The only thing I want is a picture of the front label and the back label. Can you recommend to me a camera that will do this (or camera and extra lens) the best way as the label cannot be removed from the bottle and I need the highest resolution possible.

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    1. A more descriptive title would help.

    2. "I need you to buy". Why the hell should we buy for you?

    3. You can use even with a regular compact camera by taking multiple shots and stitching them together in photoshop. Or be *very* creative with a scanner.

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    pen type scanner?

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    surely you mean you need help as to what to buy, rather than needing us to buy it for you...
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    sorry for the typo and YES I NEED to BUY
    Rashkae You sure are tough on Noobs. Its exactly that kindof answer that keeps noobs away from asking help from Camera experts such as yourself
    Just need some advice not a diatribe

    Ill REPOST with m,ore descriptive Title, sorry to bother

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    can't understands.
    what you actually want?
    am sure most camera can do what you want. even an handphone.
    so, what you really need to do with the pics? those label didn't have a high 'resolution'
    you know? a high resolution camera cant change this fact also.
    i want to take great photos!!!

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    Scanner's a good idea. You could try creative shots using some mirrors?

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    yes, i think just taking 2 or 3 shots of the label and stitching the together should work.. u wanted high resolution? for print of just web publishing? cause a simple 6mp camera can print a pretty large image already.


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