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Thread: merry xmas!

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    Default merry xmas!

    camera: hasselblad with 50mm lens on tripod
    settings: aperture 22, shutter about 30 secs
    film: ilford 100 delta
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    if thats a shot in the mirror where the cam? i see the film box tho...

    but i like the light on the subjects face... =)

    did u use something to "write" the words out?

    i like it..

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    I opened the shutter in (almost) complete darkness, went in front of the camera. With a torch (small but quite powerful, 60 lumens if i'm not wrong) I wrote in the air ("Buon Natale" -> "Merry Christmas"). Then I turned off the torch, and sitting at the desk, I clicked on the light meter that was connected to the flash, so that it fired once. Then again in darkness I closed the shutter.

    The words in the air come out right because I printed inverting the negative. That's why you should see that other words in the picture are inverted. Actually the scan is quite crappy, it doesn't give justice to the photo, which instead is fairly sharp in the details.

    Quite tricky, but real fun to try!
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    woah........ =) big effort! great results!! i see isee thats why the words are inverted.... silly me. =)

    yea was wondering about the softness in the pic.. icic.. but nice nice...... =)


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    i see the flash now!! ha! ok lar... at first i it looked like light from the lamp.. =) maybe its just me. heh.


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