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    i went sitex again today. tried to ask for a quote for c750 if i don't want the freebies ($999 w freebies). actually tried twice, with different person, but not successfully. one of them even told me that the freebies is worth $400, and the the camera alone is > $900. (the quote that i get from alan a few days ago is $840)

    about the freebies. the tripod looks weak, also w/o quick release.
    the olympus rech batt kit is only 1600 mAh. as i have 2 sets of rech batt already, this is not attractive to me. also, photoshop elements, xD cardreader, lens pen, etc are not attactive to me either.
    so y should i pay more for the freebies which are useless to me?

    i will try again tomorrow. maybe ask for the camera and 2 x 128mb cards.

    i have also asked the counter. 128mb and 256mb cards are at $100 and $200 resp.

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    normally in this kind of exhibition... they sell stuff at recommended retail price with a lot of freebies, except for memory cards
    there isn't any bargain available for price to be lower w/o the freebies..

    i think its best to get the camera from AP or CP... got mine from AP 2 months back!



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