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Thread: How to set focus correctly on my LX3?

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    Question How to set focus correctly on my LX3?

    Hey guys,

    Took a couple of shots at Botanical gardens, and notice that sometimes the camera just won't focus well on the right places?

    How do you set the focusing point to the centre of the shot? I have taken a look at the stickied tread showcasing the shots others have made with their LX3s...and mine just don't look as sharp/good...

    Here is some examples of my attempts at getting a clear shot...
    Click on the links to get more details on the apertures and stuff.

    Have one shot that I'm quite happy with though!
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    Default Re: How to set focus correctly on my LX3?

    well. the camera will try to "guess" as accurate which item we want to focus.

    if really fail then use the manual function! or play with the aperature

    another suggestion, your object all seem quite close. of course a steady hand will be great! if not I usually use the 2 second timer to help me steady my close up shot if without any tripod aid. at least the camera will be shaked with i press the button.

    hope it will helpful!

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    Select "Area" or "Spot", press the focus button (above on/off button), and choose your desired focus area by moving it.


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