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    Red face Those English translation....

    10 years ago, 《风云雄霸天下》 or should I say "The Winds and Clouds Male Rule World by Force"

    绝世好剑 - Unique Life Time Good Sword

    雪饮狂刀 - Snow Drink Crazy Knife

    心若冰清,天塌不惊 - Heart if ice are pure, the day fall not surprised


    For a good laugh, see more translation in the link below...

    Even though it's been 10 years, I still think Aaron Kwok's 步惊云 is the best.

    Have a great weekend!!
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    some things are not meant to be translated.

    雄霸天下 = 成语

    but in the comics is, 雄霸 = the main badass character, 天下 = the main story backbone, or in a way, he actually controls it.

    hard to translate into other languages.
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