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Thread: Replacement Battery for Lumix DMC-FX5

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    Default Replacement Battery for Lumix DMC-FX5

    Good day to all,

    My gf has a Old lumix DMC-FX5 and we had been trying to search for a replacement battery for quite a while.

    Been to a few shops and we were told that the battery is no longer available.

    The battery Model No. is CGA-S001E

    Appreciate if the kind bros/sis here can shed some light to where can I find this battery or a similiar replacement?

    Many thanks!!


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    Default Re: Replacement Battery for Lumix DMC-FX5

    Try ebay like this


    or amazon

    If you have credit cards such as OCBC, citibank, UOB can join their oversea shipping services or even shipment cost would be low. Some ebay merchant would even ship to Singapore as the postage is low.

    I most likely will be eyeing and buying a TZ5 soon from amazon, if you can wait, I can probably buy one of the battery and ship together so you can lower the shipping cost. But got to wait, as I'm researching which camera model first...


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