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Thread: Spidey Versus GreenGoblin

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    Spidey Versus GreenGoblin

    Hmm.. 3.11 AM in the morning again and I'm here playing with toys.. damn.. I'm a loser..

    Oh well.. a action scene of spiderman kicking Norman Osbourne's head in..

    A little comic booky too!

    Thanks for Viewing.

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    Rock on Spidey!

    Everyone does their little victory dance sometime or another.

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    Good try, with a bit of pre-planning would have produce better result.
    this Spidey must be quite pricy.

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    I think I did it too closely. thats what ya get when you do things at 2am in the morning.. Will try again soon.

    I don't think it was all that expensive.. I got it last time when the movie came out.

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    It's not the distance, but the backgrd. Improve on it and the effect should be better. There are some over exposure on the 1st shot and not enough depth on the 2nd. Standing on the CD is a nice idea.

    With intricate details and movable body parts, purchase with movie ticket surely comes with a discount.


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