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Thread: swine flu is a serious thing, mmmkay?

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    Default swine flu is a serious thing, mmmkay?

    friends. Romans... urh... Clubsnappers. Countrymen... urh... Netizens. lend me your ears!

    we all know of the scourge that has plagued the shores of mankind in recent weeks. known as the swine flu, the H1N1 plague has swept the world, infecting a lot of people along the way.

    because of this urgency, we need to be prepared against an escalation of the threat. for example, we need to maintain impeccable hygiene standards.

    also, we need to know how to wear flu masks properly, just in case it boils down to the fact that everybody bar you has the flu, and you need to contain yourself, but having a bubble isn't that practical.

    allow me to show you a video that demonstrates to you the proper way of wearing a mask. please take note of the alternative option on offer. research has not shown on its efficacy, but you're more than welcome to try for science's sake, and let me know of the results (after all, I am a researcher!)

    here is the said video. like they say in GI Joe, Knowing is half the battle won! GO JOE!

    chicken fight!

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    Default Re: swine flu is a serious thing, mmmkay?

    i know it is serious, but...


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