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Thread: fake a ball head.

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    Default fake a ball head.

    i have a silk u8000 which has a 3 pan fixed. anyway i could dismantle the head or mount a cheap ball head(sick of turning 3 knobs) on the quick release? any screw size to note?

    any cheap ball head to recommend? as it seems, i'm not crazy abt quailty for this :P

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    If you can take the 3-way head out, just replace it with a cheap ball head (since you mentioned that quality was not a criteria). For cheap ball-heads, look around several shops at the Peninsula area, or look on ebay.

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    Default Re: fake a ball head.

    Bring ur tripod along as well when making the purchase if u r worried about potential incompatibilities


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    Default Re: fake a ball head.

    Benro has a few cheap ballhead.
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    Default Re: fake a ball head.

    Remember to bring your tripod along to try

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    Your model of Slik tripod does not have a removable head. My advice, if you really fed up with it, is to dump it and then budget for a good ball head + tripod for about $150 thereabouts.


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