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    Default Newbie question..

    Hi guys.. need help in sorting this prob out. 1st is abt cropping pic. I've crop n edit pictures I've taken and print it out on a 4R n it came out with the picture not fully on the 4R paper meaning there's a white blank space in between. So how do I crop a picture (crop unwanted scene) and still have a full picture on 4R?? Sori if this is a stupid question cos I'm still very new to DSLR.

    2nd question is I'm using canon 1000D n it's difficult to get it focus on the subject that I wanted. The red dot will be either out of my subject and I've tried a few times by pressing halfway on the shutter button but it won't focus on my subject?? Do i have to move my focus point to where the red dots light up cos if that was the case I thing it willbe difficult to get it on. Or oni high end model camera can get better focus control. Do it manual focus is abit slow process for me as to get a candid shot.

    Hope u guys understand wat my problem is n my question means. Really helps alot to get ans from u guys who r more experinces. Thanks
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    Default Re: Newbie question..

    Set the pics to the following ratios for the different picture sizes :

    3R 3.5" x 5" 7:10 1050 x 1500
    4R 4" x 6" 2:3 1200 x 1800
    5R 5" x 7" 5:7 1500 x 2100
    6R 6" x 8" 3:4 1800 x 2400
    8R 8" x 10" 4:5 2400 x 3000
    S8R 8" x 12" 2:3 2400 x 3600
    10R 10" x 12" 5:6 3000 x 3600
    S10R 10" x 15" 2:3 3000 x 4500

    as for focusing, you'd need to practise and find the optimum way for you to handle your camera, do note that a contrasty area is required for the AF module to pick up the difference and lock on.
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    i use picasa for minor edits and to crop pictures.

    focusing..depends what you want to do, if you are confident can simply lock on something else with contrast and then crop to get the picture you want. F8/F11 usually helps keep everything in focus.
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