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    Hi all, this photo was taken during a recent trip to Nanjing, China. The location was at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Place. The photo taken is the Pillar of Peace. At the top of the pillar is a lady setting free a dove which symbolises peace.

    The photo was taken from below up creating a mild silhouette with the light glowing behind the statue above. I positioned the statue slightly off the middle.

    The feeling I want to bring out from this photo is a calm mood that peace brings about. Did I managed to do that ?

    Composition wise - Could there be any other way to bring out the message of peace better ?
    Color wise - Would a black and white image bring out the feeling much more stronger ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Honestly speaking... nothing peaceful about this picture to me... and without the write up, I would not have know what it's all about.
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    I can barely make out what it is..
    Do you have another pic that is taken 50m away? That might just offer a different perspective.
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    lucky you.. i was there on friday, only at the entrance, late by 2mins..
    taken some pictures outside.. let me find some time for the editing..

    did you go to other places??
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    what is peace?

    peace is a mood, it has nothing to do with looking up at a statue in possible awe. if you want to express peace, things like still reflections of a lone tree, or a man meditating underneath a tree, these are peaceful.

    that said, the way you have taken the statue means nothing to me.


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