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Thread: Last Call for ClickArt 2003

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    Default Last Call for ClickArt 2003

    with reference to this thread, applications for ClickArt 2003 is still open. if anyone is still interested to participate, there's still a strong possibility that the Early Bird discount is still available if you contact me now...

    FYI, ClickArt2003 is a rare opportunity to interact and learn from true professionals and photojournalists such as Steve McCurry (celebrated National Geographic and Magnum photographer), Chip Simons (USA), Masahiko Yamamoto (Japan) and our very own Tay Kay Chin (who is Hasselbladís Master of Photography for 2003). the workshops are also highly useful for those who wish to learn advanced techniques.

    for more info, visit

    currently, we are short of 2-3 people to make up 11 participants (for the extra 1 free seat, which means more discount for all). so don't wait, PM me now for details.

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    Steve McCurry: Photographer of the Afghan Girl

    GO GO GO

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    Come lah, join lah.


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