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    Hi, does anybody here know where can I get a (neoprene/ similar) cover with the tree-leaf kind of pattern for tripods/ lenses?

    I have noticed some gaffer tapes with similar tree-leaf patterns but I would rather prefer a cloth wrapping around rather than any adhesive sticking. Also easier to wash/rinse, sun-dry & place it back.


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    check out CP. price is way high that even the salesperson advised me against getting it
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    For lenscoat that use on lens (prime/zoom), you will notice it uses 3M double-sides tape to tape it on some portion of the lens. Make of neoprene material.

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    Thanks guys for the advice!

    Ordering online from Lenscoat is quite expensive esp. with USD45-100 for just shipping charges!
    Cathay Photo charges S$ 120+ for a single lens coat - that's the price of a new EF 50/f1.8 lens! Too much for 3 pieces of Neoprene!

    I guess I will have to try to manage with some DIY kind of lens coat, OR look for a value-for-money made-in-China kind of stuff.


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