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oh i thought it was just the time it takes to get the photo, i think www.imaging-resource.com does it that way.

Like in reviews thats how they describe it, as the optio 555 got a bad review on shutter lag, and as i said when i tested it , it was quite fast with pre focus

In the strictest sense of the phrase "shutter lag", then what imaging-resource defines as shutter lag is wrong. But then they are referring to real world use and yes I understand that most people would take shutter lag to mean the time taken for the camera to capture the shot from the moment u press the shutter button.

I ever used a Olympus digital camera (one of the earlier ones) where although I had pre-focussed, the camera took like 1-2 sec before the shutter fired and the CCD registered the image. So most of my shots were off (that was the first time I was using a digicam and that particular camera).

I'm not sure what the industrial meaning of shutter lag means, but I would think that it would refer to the time it took for the shutter to release and capture the image, pre-focussed.