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    Hi, like to ask bros for recommendations where to buy cheap int hdd(500GB capacity)? I am prefer reputable brands like seagate,maxtor or WD.Like to noe the price range if possible too, thanks

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    this is not a computer hardware forum... want price list can go HWZ or VR-Zone.

    what i can probably say, cost efficiency, get a 3.5" 1TB now. 2TB still kinda expensive. 500 are dirt cheap, but kinda waste of space imho. I've changed all my 3.5" inside my chassis to 1TB, with a velociraptor as boot. 6x Sata HDD & 1x Sata DVDRW, cos not enuff Sata power connector from PSU.

    For backing up, WD Black & Green no diff. Price got diff. Green about 130-150, Black 170-180... current price.

    If using for boot or running programs, recommend using WD Black.
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