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Thread: Have Seen your best, now your worst

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    Default Have Seen your best, now your worst

    read recently in one of the threads about filters, something like, "when that 1/1000 of oppurtunity will come, the picture might be spoiled because of the cheap filter"

    Have been impressed with amazing pics you all guys have posted at various threads/flickr, would you all be interested in sharing some of the pics that went bad. Not spoiled because you were experimenting with the settings but bad as in when you saw it on download/review u realized that you made a technical mistake and then the moment was gone.

    We would like to learn from your share of mistakes and photos, esp for the moments that we can not snap again.

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    Ya... ONE, was with a hot babe for a night, snapped with my HP before she left... then realized it was blur much later (was busy giving my farewell to her). What I learnt is... always take more than one shot for something that important even if what you see on LCD looks fine. Hahaha.....


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