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Thread: Canon 450d V.S Nikon D80

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    Default Canon 450d V.S Nikon D80

    Hi would any kind Canon 450D user or Nikon D80 user please advice me which to get. Seems to me that both cams(body only) are about the same price in the Buy/Sell forum. I figure that D80 would be pretty much the same as the D70 but i've not used a Canon before.

    Maybe it'll be good if you can give me one superior quality that one cam has over the other?

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    Hi, why don't you try a side by side comparison?

    also, you can refer back to the old threads such as this:

    I am sure if you backread some of the threads, you'll see a lot information with regards to what you're looking for.

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    Default Re: Canon 450d V.S Nikon D80

    Personal preference, and I love the idea of having an LCD control panel on the top on the right side of the D80 than to do it all through the main LCD

    Hands on and feel both the bodies, the way u can hold them, navigating their in camera menu systems etc and decide.


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    I would rather u think of getting a dslr system rather than comparing a D80 and 450D.

    A system includes all the glasses, speedlights etc etc.
    I found this article to be reasonably helpful.


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