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Thread: Help re: sound system for room (Help from audiophiles!)

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    I totally agree with what you say about tube amps it is such a complex topic! And I totally agree with the acoustic treatment. The best is a dedicated audio room with ceiling, back wall, window, floor treatment with some damping or diffusion materials but how many of us can afford the time and aesthetic flexibility haha! I currently listen in an untreated living room but because im usually in the direct sound field all that reverb doesn't bother me much. Not optimal though i have to say.

    Im not sure about driving it at a certain volume to get tube sound, I think as long as its run through a valve tube amplifier you will get that warm tube-ish sound already. if im not wrong having some headroom and not driving the amp too hard is preferable then running the tube amp to the edges of its capacity..

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    Quote Originally Posted by serial_lain View Post
    As mentioned, heading down to will yield tons of information about HiFi systems as well as a Buy and Sell section for reasonable used gear.

    Based on your musical preferences, may I suggest considering a vinyl approach as opposed to CDs. Vinyls reproduce those jazzy sounds in full analogue glory, imparting their warm sonic signature to the music. Also, all music produced in the 70s and 80s were on vinyl, and you would be getting the true vibe of that era, as opposed to digital remasters on CDs. For a vinyl setup, you would need a turntable, vinyl pre-amp, amp and speakers.

    I don't claim to be an audiophile expert but I try to buy the best equipment that I can afford, and unfortunately its also on the budget side of things. However I get a very decent sounding system with a $300 Lenco turntable, $300 Cambridge Audio integrated amp, $250 yaqin vacumm pre-amp, $400 floorstanding Dali speakers. I did get a good price on the speakers at Adelphi coz the owner of the shop was phasing out that brand and he sold me the displays so you can get good deals there if you know roughly what you want and the budget you are willing to spend.

    If you want a decent integrated amp, I have only good things to say about the Cambridge Audio amps and you really cant go wrong, however whether you choose a CD or vinyl setup if you want vacuum tubes the cheapest option is to go Made in China. Brands like Yaqin/other random chinese name brands are clones of the big name brands but made by legitimate companies. I've been to audio shops in China and Hongkong that sell both high end brands and these cheaper clone models. There are a couple of reviews online about them and they offer the BEST vacuum tube amp value you can get at the moment. Some shops in Sim Lim Square/Tower rebrand these China amps under their house brand and sell them at a $100-200 markup but the best way to get them is to go to ebay and buy them from HongKong or China dealers. You can't test them but as a side note, it really doesnt matter as long as it powers on and works because when you go to a shop and test some audio equipment, their speakers, amp and wires are all different to what you would have at home, so what you are hearing in the audio shop is not exactly what you would hear at home. You just have to rely on previous experience to mix and match the best components for your system.

    If it were me, I would get a Cambridge Audio CD player as well, super value, good reviews and not that expensive at Sim Lim Square. I find Adelphi shops a little bit more expensive than the shops at SLS/Tower. About $200-250 will get you an entry level player. For interconnects and wires I use Canare cables. They are very decent and lots of people have good stuff to say about it. Not many people know but you can actually get them cheap from SL Tower, theres a shop on the second level that sells them in whatever length you want, however thick you want. Quad core also available. All you need to do is solder on the right Audio interconnect heads and you're good to go, cables for cheap! Don't bother with the expensive brands of wires and speaker cables as yet coz while there may or may not be a difference, paying $300 more for that marginal difference is not worth it.

    There are tons of stuff to tweak which I haven't even mentioned like power supplies etc, but you can modify your system as you go along. I hope this helps but if you have any further questions feel free to PM me.. or do a search on echoloft. People there are far more knowledgeable than I am!
    Woah, SL indeed put in quite a fair bit for you to chew on. I ain't no sound bluff but am into audio/videophile for the last 8yrs. To help you,

    1. Regardless of which system, choose it with yr ears wide open and eyes wide shut - This will be the 1st selection criteria.

    2. Good thing no cheap, and cheap thing no good. Yes, we can always hunt for bargain but truely value for money and bang for bucks...hard to come by. But i agreed Cambridge Audio(500 bucks - top range) are Arcam(>2.5K for a player and is consider cheap) replicas. Good recommendation and place to start.

    3. On top of equipment selection, accessories like cables play a part too. Placement and room inherent acoustic is important consideration too.

    4. Try for another local hobby thread.

    Lastly, drop me a PM if you're keen, i've a few set up and am willing to let go if the price is right. My gears are mainly B&W,Denon, CA, ARCAM, and etc....entry level only hor

    Have fun.....

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    Unexpected thread but i love it.
    I use a marantz cd player and amp for the music to drive my heybrooks speakers. Bought from Adelphi almost 5 years ago. My advice is to bring a couple of your favorite music cds and test on separate system. Never rush to get one on the spot. Listen to how the amp carries the notes. However do factor in the intended space you are placing them. What may sound punchy bass in the shops listening room may end up booming in small walled up areas. For the speakers, take note on the sound produced by the cones . With different materials such as paper, wood, kevlar for the construction of the drive units will give very different warmth to your music. I cant stress enough on how important selecting the right combination but listen to your ears not your eyes. haha let me know if you need further assistance. I might come with you to assist in your selection.
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    Default Re: Help re: sound system for room (Help from audiophiles!)

    Oh no. now iam thinking of upgrading my system..
    Man greatest tool. The imaginative mind.

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    Default Re: Help re: sound system for room (Help from audiophiles!)

    am I thankful or am I not thankful that I am not into the poison that is experienced by audiophiles.

    I'm already a semi-stickler with my guitar sounds... I cannot imagine what I'll do with sound systems!
    chicken fight!

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