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Thread: Which wide angle lens?

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    Default Which wide angle lens?

    Hi to all seniors, im using an old Nikon D70 and am looking to buy a wideangle lens. Which wide angle lens will you recommend?

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    i'm no expert, but my personal recommendation will be the nikon 12-24mm or the tokina 11-16, both of which are great lenses. what budget are you looking at?

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    Default Re: Which wide angle lens?

    What kind of wide-angle?

    Super-wide to normal wide or Wide to standard zoom?

    Super-wide to normal wide: 12-24mm F4 or F2.8
    Wide to standard: 17-55mm F4

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    Well, it really depends on how wide you want. I've got a Tokina 11-16mm, very sharp. I've heard great things for the 12-24mm too.
    I do use 28mm f/2.8 AIS on my FM and my dslr. But on dslr, it actually functions much like 50mm due to the crop factor.
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    If u want to go really wide for DX, Nikon has a new AFS 10-24mm.

    Many other 3rd party makes as well.


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