From very far from Singapore, (Spain) I say hello to all users!
First I must say I love Panasonic, I love my FZ-30 and probably my next camera will be a GH-1
My FZ-30 suddently died.
One day, with no apparent reason it didn't switch-on, and I read some users here and in dP that it might be a blown fuse issue.
I am an electronics repair-man, yet not experienced in the digital cams field.
I have the technical manual and schematic diagrams, and I removed the rear cover, but I'm not able to find the fuse (F2001) according to the "power block diagram" (page 52 of the technical manual)
Can anybody help in how to find or replace this fuse, or give me a link to a on-line tutorial about FZ-30 self-repair?
Thanks to all