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    The Substation Moving Images presents
    6 July 2009
    The Substation Theatre

    First Take, happening every 1st Monday of the month at The Substation, is a popular screening of new local short films and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. A platform for new filmmakers and anyone who is interested in filmmaking to meet, exchange ideas and show their work. See the future talents of Singapore film!

    1. ONE PLUS ONE / KELLY SWEE / 11 MIN / 2008 / PG

    A story of two lonely people, who have very similar yearnings for somebody to accompany them, due to their solitary lives and an unknown sense of loneliness. The two characters turn out to complement each other.

    Director's Statement:
    This is the first short film produced and directed by me. I had some hands-on experimentation with cameras since mid 2007, and I learnt my film techniques in school.

    2. CRAB! / TEO CHRISTINA JOLENE / 24 MIN / 2009 / PG

    Seng is a grown man who hasn’t quite grown up. Contented with spending his days at his father’s famous, albeit small, restaurant and lacking true ambition, his life is turned around when his father, Huat, falls sick. Not bearing to agitate his father, Seng has no choice but to plunge himself into the world of cooking, and a position of responsibility that he hasn’t quite the skills for. But this soon revals itself to be the least of his worries.

    3. LOL.SG / MARILYN LOO / 18 MIN / 2009 / PG

    LOL.SG is a feature documentary that explores the local comedy scene and the concept of cultural identity in Singapore. “Lame, cliché, boring.” Increasingly, Singapore humour has been labelled as such. However, we offer an alternative and unexpected take on Singaporean humour that shows it is indeed alive and kicking.

    Director's Statement:
    Humour has proven itself to be a very abstract topic to tackle, but the satisfaction in seeing this project take shape is immense beyond description. LOL.SG is our first full-fledged short and it has been a learning experience. It is about rediscovering Singapore culture, and reflecting what or where the funny is. It is about ignoring that gnawing fear of failure, and taking the plunge to do something meaningful and possibly funny.

    SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND! For more information or to
    screen your work at First Take, please visit our website at
    The Substation - A home for the arts or contact the Programme Manager of Moving Images
    at 6337 7535 /

    First Take is presented as part of The Substation Moving Images
    programme and supported by the Singapore Film Commission and has Kodak as our Main Sponsor in 2009!

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    Screening list updated! =D


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