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Thread: girls..trouble...

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    Ask your friend to leave her alone for sometime.... Its very frustrating if he keeps smsing her nonstop or whatever.. Asking her questions or what.

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    I think saying sorry is a good start for either party. Now the thing is to keep things cool and try to enjoy spending time with each other more often. The more happy times she has with your friend (I can't stand using 'fren' ), the less she will think of her ex.

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    IMHO, maybe the girl wishes to keep in contact with her ex, just be plain simple friends. contacting each other is ok, but it gets overboard if it becomes too pushy i.e. too often. it's all up to her and her decision making then.

    girls tend to say they wanna forget their ex in the beginning, cos of hurt and all.. then later say maintain as friends.. maybe there's a bit of chemistry left back there, so why waste it and lose a friend? friends ARE important.

    looks like a major case of miscommunication between the couple. take a step back, and analyse the situation carefully and thoughtfully, doesn't matter whether you're 15 or 51. age is not a factor. if either side makes the right/wrong move, learn and move on.

    relationship is all about compromise.

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