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Thread: Super Newbie !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wongwbh View Post
    Thats great news. Quite depress to c only the alpha 330 selling @ pcshow. But Alan photo promotion is really hard to resists. If dun buy now will have to wait for next IT show or promotion.
    PC Show is .. well mainly for PCs .. go to a camera shop if you want to buy a camera
    Such shows are just there to sell at the standard prices. They throw in "freebies" as attraction but most of these are just some cheap stuffs. Flimsy tripods, cheap UV filters ... things that you will buy again quite soon. So it's better you stick to a camera shop, get only the camera and the kit lens and start from there. Then read up about tripod, filter and all the other bits and pieces and get them exactly as you need them.
    Regarding shops: Alan Photo @ SLS got quite mixed feedback. Be careful to check the content of the package, check about proper local warranty and all items included. According the feedback here John 3:16 seems to be a better place for newbies, they just have more patience and I never saw any complaints about pricing. It might not be the ultimate cheapest but a reasonable price with good service is nothing to look down at.

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    Really appreciate all the advise given by you guys. Will keep in mind all of them. Cheers !

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