Sony Alpha JB "Miss Cabana 2009" Challenge Jun 8, '09 5:14 PM
for everyone
Start: Jun 12, '09 10:00p
Location: The Zon, Cabana Lounge
In Conjuction with the Miss Cabana 2009.
Sony Malaysia & FOTO CLS bought to you a Photography Contest,Open to All Sony Alpha user.
Fabulous prizes to be won!
Don't miss the chance.

Alpha JB ‘Miss Cabana 09’ Challenge
( co hosted by Sony (M) Sdn Bhd and Foto CLS, JB)

A)Registration:6/6/09 - 10/6/09

B)Shooting date: 1)12th June 2)19th June 3)26th June 4)3rd July

C)Shooting venue:The Zon, Cabana Lounge

D)Time:10.30pm onwards

E)Register with Foto CLS, JB ( 07-3353626 )
--Maximum 25 pax Sony alpha users per round ( max 5 round)
--RM10 registration fee each round (pay to CLS within 6/6-11/6)
--First come first serve basis

F)1 winner ( each round, )Mystery hamper from Sony (M) + FOTO CLS JB

G)Submit only 8R printed photos, developed from Foto CLS JB (participants print at special rate @RM8)
-- Min 3 copies, max 10 copies per entry per round
-- winner(s) are still eligible to win in next rounds!

H)Winner shall have to submit his/ her soft copy to Sony(M) Sdn Bhd upon announcement of result(s)
--We shall post all winning entries for each round at
--All winners shall be informed by h/p by the dates listed below

I)Sony(M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to use all pictures submitted in the the competition for promotional purposes in any way.

All entries must be printed and submitted within the 3 following working days from the shooting night

J)Attire during these events: Smart & Casual!

Shooting rounds you can join: winner announcement
12th June- 1st round -- print out & submission dateline latest by 17th June -- winner announcement 18th June
19th June- 2nd round -- print out & submission dateline latest by 24th June -- winner announcement 25th June
26th June- 3rd round --print out & submission dateline latest by 1st July ------- winner announcement 2nd July
3rd July - 4th round -- print out & submission dateline latest by 8th July ----- winner announcement 9th July

L)All winners can arrange their prize collection by calling Sony JB staffs for arrangements
Mr Lau Hong Kiat, Regional Sales Head : 0127770648
Mr Victor Lim, Branch head, JB : 0167712120

For more infromation: