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    Smile Yashica Minister III

    Hey guys,
    i was wondering if anyone would recommend this camera for a beginner to 35mm camera's and also, i was just wondering if it has the capability of taking nice photo's.
    Any advice would be cool

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    Taking good pictures would depend a lot more on the photographer than the camera ; that being said, the Minister III is not too bad a camera.

    However, I hope you know that it is a rangefinder and not an SLR so that might be a bit more challenging for some to start as a first camera.

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    most rf with fixed lens are alright, they tend to be aperture priority

    anyways, i have not tried minister iii or read about it, but google is your best friend, i'm sure the yashica guy would ahve something to say about it

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    Or get yourself an Electro 35 GSN, it has a faster f/1.7 lens instead of the f/2.8 one that the Minister has.. you'll find it useful in low light conditions.. btw, if you find these terms alien, you prob need to read up more before embarking on shooting film..

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    i think for beginner, use point and shoot yashica t3 or t4 even better rangefinder still need to focus. i google the minister, it seems quite a fun camera. so good luck
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