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    Hello all,

    What is your view about sharing the studio space?

    The main reason of sharing the space is mainly the studio is very much underutilise... most of my work are outdoor and I probably only in the studio once a week or so.... I generally don't like to be working in the studio...

    It was set up more of the gallery and available light studio.

    Any pro and cons I should consider before taking the ideas?

    Hope to hear from many of you who are sharing the studio and not sharing the studio and why it is good or bad ideas?

    Thanks for your help.



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    Nobody care to share their view?

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    i guess one main concern with sharing the studio is the maintenance of the equipment.
    you might not want someone who's not familiar with your stuff to be messing around with them.

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    The studio has frequently been the white elephant that suck all the glitter off the income from work done. As one associate put it, if it does not add to the bottom line its a liability do not go there.

    From what you have written I take it you have a under used studio and is trying to find a way to lessen the carrying cost. Question is how open you are to some one using this and what every equipment there is in it, how about utilities charges- AC and lights if used hard can chalk about a large bill. Then you have the issue of paymaster profile - pays their part on time or need chasing ect.

    No one really can advise you here - find the right party its a blast, get the wrong party problems upon problems.

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    The truth about doing the photography business in a shared studio
    is the naked underlying unprepareness of the parties involved, whom
    often lack the necessary courage to work out in detail the solutions
    and guiding procedures of such a venture.

    In business it is fruitless to find true honesty, reliability and fairness.
    When the parties involved are in the state of total committed sincere
    prepareness the rainbow of success may shine through the golden
    gratitude from all involved.

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    Thanks all for your comments.

    I guess, I will just use it on my own... as I prefer the flexibily, not so much or worry about the bill.

    As I like to be a little private with my clients, so I prefer nobody walk in during a session nor during consultation.

    Anyway, my studio is a daylight studio as I don't rely on the flash to do the shoot and I don't use paper backdrop as well... it is build to my preferred way hence it is not suitable for renting for those who prefer a more traditional studio space which have lights and backdrop.

    Appreciate the comment, guess I will swift my focus on utilise more on the studio with more activities...



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