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Thread: Any graphic card recommendations?

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    Default Re: Any graphic card recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcticFox View Post
    I am using NVIDIA 7600GT on Windows.

    Okay thanks.

    Should be good enough for me. Then, any idea how much is the NVIDIA 9800GT.

    ATI Radeon HD 4850 is a sweet card but just outside your budget of $200 but if you go one level lower then is not too shabby like the Asus EAH4770 512MB DDR5 Dual DVI at about $189.00

    Or go Nvidia and get like a MSI NX9800GT 512MB for about $199.00 The NX9600GT would be cheaper of course by $30? For about that kind of cash you are getting not too bad cards but really depend on what you are using.. for makes no diff...for gamming it does depending on what KIND of games. You into hardcore 3D in very high resolution... you need tomore then double your budget and you might have to change a few parts or more power to accomondate it. As it is, you might already have to with what I just spec above.

    Other may diff of course... hehe ..YOu can also wait just abit longer and go to the IT Expo and get a better pricing and a faster card?

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    Default Re: Any graphic card recommendations?

    i'm currently using a MSI 9600GT 512MB DDR3 card. Cost me $179 in April this yr.. Been really good. I can run Red Alert 3, Flight Sim X, Hawx at max quality..
    Kodak Easyshare C875

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